Two Girls and Some CouponsMisty is awesomely amazing!  Every vision my partner and I had in our heads for our blog, even the ones we had problems putting into words, she was able to bring to life for us.  What makes this so unique is it was all communicated and completed by email.  I would recommend her to anyone and in fact have already.   She is very quick to respond to all questions or concerns we have had.  She quickly made changes to any of the ideas we had, that we no longer liked any more, and trust us when we say we changed our minds alot.  My partner and I are very grateful for having Misty come into our lives and helping bring our dreams to life. Thanks so much Misty for all of your hard work and help! You don’t know how much we appreciate all you have done for us! - Julie & Lynn - Two Girls and Some Coupons



Baby CostCutters

“Misty at CEO of Me (Designs) is absolutely wonderful to work with! She has many different visions and handles everything very professionally! Misty started my web design on time with great communication between the two of us. She took things step-by-step making adjustments along the way to fit what I wanted! Plus, even after the design was installed she makes herself available for questions. Great friendly customer service with professional results!”  Tina Branch, Baby CostCutters




Little Inspiration


“Misty ROCKS! She is the most kind and helpful designer I’ve known! I totally recommend her & CEO of Me Designs 100%!” - Angie Ramirez – Little Inspiration





Izzy B Blog

“Misty was wonderful to work with! Very helpful! She went out of her way to help me with my website, and she worked into the wee hours of the morning trying to make sure it was perfect. I am extremely happy with her work and will continue to recommend her to friends and customers.” - Jerica Rossi - Izzy B Blog




“Words cannot express how amazing it was to work with Misty.  She was patient, understanding, thorough, TIMELY, meticulous and INCREDIBLE to do business with.  Misty’s communication skills were ABOVE & BEYOND.   She consistently emailed, called and checked in with me regarding my design process and ALWAYS listened to my thoughts.  I had several different visions and Misty made each and every one come to life.  As I picked and chose, manipulated and tweaked, Misty was patient, helpful and supportive.  She shared her expertise and dealt with my attention to detail and the need for utmost perfection.  In addition to my design, Misty has gone above and beyond to provide webinars for me and help me troubleshoot several “technical” issues I couldn’t have even begun to figure.  I would recommend her work to any and all.  BEYOND FABULOUS! I can’t thank her enough!”  -Natalie Katz - Preppy Personals



Saving with a Working Mom

“I started my blog in Aug 2011. I was using free WP themes and trying to make them look professional and it just wasn’t working. I had looked around at different web designers and as a part-time blog not making much money, I just couldn’t afford to upgrade to a custom design. Then I found CEO of Me, Inc. Designs. Misty was great to work with and gave me what I wanted at a price I could afford. I also switched my hosting and cut those fees almost in half. Since the re-design my site not only looks better, but it’s easier to post, and is getting more traffic and page views! I love my new design and any questions I have, Misty is always quick to respond! I would highly recommend CEO of Me, Inc Designs and I will definitely be using her for any future SAVING with a Working Mom needs!” - Melissa Fields – SAVING with a Working Mom



the Crazy Nuts Mom“I am extremely thrilled with my website. She is very thorough in making sure she understands your vision for your site. Misty does a great job communicating with you and making sure she gets it right for you. I can’t say enough about how great Misty was to work with in setting up my site and her availability with questions after it was set up. Great customer service, outstanding delivery, professional results.”  - Regina Sober – the Crazy Nuts Mom





Pandora's Deals

“My switch from Blogger to WordPress left me with some serious design repair work.  I’m so glad I found Misty at CEO of Me, Inc. to design my blog.  She has a great vision for appealing graphics and colors, her work is thorough, and she was very responsive to my endless stream of questions.  Misty helped me with things I didn’t even know I needed help with!  She’s a designer who’s a complete package for not only a beautiful blog, but a blog with all the technical pieces in place you need to create a professional site.  I don’t know what I would have done without her!” Lindsay Frank – Pandora’s Deals




Frugal Fanatic“I am more than pleased with CEO of Me Inc Designs. Misty was extremely helpful and went above and beyond all of my expectations. Not only did she re-design my site in a timely, professional manner, but she also answered any and all questions I had. I would highly recommend her design services.” - Addi Ganley – Frugal Fanatic






“Misty did my new blog design and made the whole process painless! I loved the experience of working with Misty. She is very quick, efficient, knowledgeable and so nice to work with. And, did I mention – the patience of a saint?! She goes above and beyond the call of duty to get things just the way you want them. She stayed in constant touch with me, answering all my questions very quickly. I would highly recommend her work to anyone!” - Diane Holland – Koupon Krazed




Krazy Clippers


“CEO of Me Designs did an outstanding job on both of my blogs! I am very pleased with the design work as well as the customer service that was provided. Thank you Misty!”April Stephens – Krazy Clippers





Coupon Cutting Mom

“I can’t begin to say how great Misty at CEO of Me is to work with. She did a wonderful job of designing my blog, making sure everything was just as I imagined in my head. I had tons of questions and she very patiently answered everyone of them. She still checks in with from time to time to see how blogging is going. I now consider her a friend! If you are looking for reasonable priced blog design work, use Misty and you won’t be disappointed with the results. Thanks again Misty for working with me. I love my newly designed blog.”  - Esther Martin – Coupon Cutting Mom



Joy of Momma JoynerI have been a Mommy Blogger at Joy Of Momma Joyner since November 2010. One of my dear friends helped me get it all set up and running. She did a GREAT design for me. However, in January I decided that I had been blogging for over a year and I was ready for a change in my look.  I had quite a few things that I wanted to change in order to clean up the look of my home page, as well as change the colors and layout. I contacted Misty at CEO Of Me Designs. She got RIGHT back to me! She was extremely helpful in coming up with color ideas and a great layout. She uses a great template that you can customize to your liking. I enjoyed that! I really wanted a clean, easy to follow and easy to read bog page. This was really easy to do with Misty!  When I sent my list to Misty of the things that I wanted changed, she came up with a great design that really made my blog page look great! I am so excited to have this new look! Not only is it a great new look, but it didn’t take long to get it! Misty got me on her schedule and we got to work. She worked hard to get my design just perfect. Then she put the design in place and just like that, I had a wonderful, new, fresh look!  Thank you so much Misty! I LOVE my new look! Courtney Joyner-  Joy of Momma Joyner


Coping with Frugality After being on blogger for about 2 years I decided to make the switch to WordPress.  I knew I wasn’t savvy enough to make the switch myself, so I sought out someone who was.  Misty from CEO of Me has the perfect combination of design savvy and artistic insight.  Even with the many hurdles that blogger tried to throw in her path, Misty was able to complete my transfer in a short amount of time.  I am not creative so it is hard for me to articulate the “look” I wanted for my blog.  Misty worked with me to find a header, background, font, etc. that perfectly fit me and Coping with Frugality.  I would highly recommend that anyone looking for a site redesign or transfer to Word Press sign up to have Misty help them. Amanda Larson – Coping with Frugality


Money Saving Parent Site RedesignMisty Kearns and CeoofMe Designs have now done my website design, including customization, social media buttons and graphic design twice!  I liked the results the first time so much, that when we were ready to update our look, Misty was the first person I thought of contacting.  She easily took my vision for the design and organization and made it a reality.  Money Saving Parent now has all the features, highlights, plug ins and designs that I dreamed of to make my site user friendly and professional.   Sometimes I visit just to take a look at it! Her prices were reasonable and that is almost as important as creating a blog design that I can be proud of.  I have two more blogs, as as they say in the movie”The Terminator” “I’ll be back!”  Lisa Carey – Money Saving Parent